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  • The Honda CB150F is our chosen ‘steed’ for Pakistan

    We provide you with your motorcycle for the duration of your tour with ADA. The Honda CB150F is our chosen ‘steed’ for Pakistan. Tough, simple and reliable, this machine will climb up 15,400 ft, sometimes well into the clouds, and travel to the country’s remotest regions.

    At first, the motorcycle might feel small, especially if you’re used to something bigger, but give it a test run and you’ll fall in love with this durable non-fussy machine. It’s also the easiest bike to find parts for and repair in Pakistan.

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  • Riding Himalayas and Karakorum

    When you consider the roads we’ll be taking in the Himalayas and Karakorum range, this light, simple motorcycle is all you’ll need to navigate some of the world’s most unconventional pathways.

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  • At ADA, we believe in the power of local community

    and we handle the tour like a family. We hire locals– who are now friends– when travelling through Pakistan’s remotest regions, and on your journey you’ll get to meet incredible people who will join us for a few days before they say goodbye.

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  • We also have permanent staff to accompany us throughout the tour.

    There’s the super energetic Rashid Ali who gets most excited when the going gets tough and Allah Dad, our calm support truck driver who is a magician in any crisis

    The ADA philosophy is to keep things simple, and to end our tour with love, respect and lots of inside jokes– like a real family.

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  • We have support trucks on all our motorcycle tours,

    so you won’t have to carry your luggage with you on the bikes. This makes it easier and quicker to move, because you wont have to tie your luggage down everyday and off-roading is much more fun when it’s just you and your bike. We usually have one support truck for between 7-8 people, and can get more support as needed.

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  • We also have a full-time mechanic on board

    with us who takes care of all the breakdowns or flats throughout the tour. Occasionally, Atlas Honda Pakistan sends along their service van to make things that much sweeter.

    Either way, rest assured your bike and you will be in the most capable hands.

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