May 13 - May 21
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May 13 - May 21
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Tour Dates: MAY 13 – MAY 219 Days of getting to know the most misunderstood country in the world

This May 2022, the Women’s Moto Exhibit will take off on a Co- Ed motorcycle journey to the vast lands of Pakistan, one of the most misunderstood countries in the world. Having traveled around various parts of the globe, I can say the most enriching experiences are the ones that you can immerse yourself in the culture and support the improvement of systems in some capacity. This motorcycle journey will be heavily influenced by Pakistani native Kiki/Anjuli, a long time friend, road warrior and world traveler whose dream and mission has been to promote a positive experience of her homeland, all whilst coupling together what she loves most…motorcycle adventures and helping those in need.

Along with our amazing ADA crew, we will begin our tour in Lahore, the second largest city of Pakistan the capital of the province of Punjab, the ‘City of Gardens’ known for its rich culture and lively atmosphere. Next we shall begin our trip northbound to Islamabad, Pakistan’s green capital, nestled between the Margalla hills. It is here that we’ll make our first contact with AKHO, the “Cause” part of our tour. With a brief time to familiarize ourselves with our spanking new Honda CB150 F’s we’ll set off on an unbelievable array of landscapes, through the ancient Silk Road and Karakoram highway. Traversing several villages with unique ethnic backgrounds, showing you how beautifully diverse the people of Pakistan truly are. Through Naran, the gateway to the world’s biggest mountain ranges, breath-taking mountainside rides await us, with surprises at every turn to Gilgit and finally to Hunza. Upon our return to Islamabad, the final stretch of our tour consists of continuing what we began with AKHO, the bond and promise to support the destitute, abused and hungry children and women for a 3-5 year plan. The Rebel With a Cause tour is just what your soul needs; two wheels, off the beaten path, making an impact. A memorable riding experience, an expedition that will leave you forever changed.

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What you Get

  • 9 nights accommodation
    9 night stay in best available hotels.

  • 27 Meals
    Taste the flavor of PAKISTAN! Traditional and cultural meals, including breakfast, lunch and dinners.

  • Team
    There will be a qualified team of mechanics, along with the support staff and mandatory tour guides.

  • Transport
    We currently use the worry free Honda CB150F – It has proven for years to be the most reliable in the country

  • Your group
    Our groups tend to be really fun with like minded folks from different parts of the world!

  • Experiences
    There will be a lot of sightseeing, historical visits and cultural interactions with the locals. Be prepared for a sensory overload.

  • 09
    nights accommodation

    9 nights in Hotel
    9 night stays at family owned fun guest houses or hotels. We sometimes like to GLAMP too!

  • 27

    Traditional and cultural meals
    Taste the flavor of PAKISTAN! Traditional and cultural meals, including breakfast, lunch and dinners – If you have special requirements please let us know.

  • Team
    Expert Trip Manager, Driver and Local Guides
    There will be a qualified team of mechanics, along with the support staff and mandatory tour guides. You’ll be in good hands, Pakistani hospitality is famous around the world for a reason.

  • Transport
    Worry free Honda CB150F
    We currently use the worry free Honda CB150F – It has proven for years to be the most reliable in the country. Parts are available all over if you break something on the road or need a patch! If you have someone tagging along, we can arrange a spot for them in the support vehicle or get a private ride for them.

  • Your Group
    Travel with exciting people from different parts of the world
    Our groups tend to be really fun with like-minded folks from different parts of the world! You might be roaming around the Himalayas with a Swiss, someone from Santa Cruz, California or a world traveler who doesn’t have a home at the moment. You will cherish these connections for years to come, We promise!

  • Experiences
    Sightseeing and Historical visits
    There will be a lot of sightseeing, historical visits and cultural interactions with the locals. Be prepared for a sensory overload. The first couple of days might be over whelming, but by the end of 2nd day you’ll notice the calm in the chaos.

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Tour Map and Itinerary



After your long haul flight we will be picked up at LHR airport (not by that amazing scooter unfortunately) and taken to your hotel/guesthouse where you can adjust to the 12 hour jet-lag (for those coming in from USA/CANADA) and recuperate after traveling across the world. Optional dinner may be on the schedule between us riders, depending on levels of fatigue etc.



We shall set off on an exploration of the mystic Walled City of Lahore including a visit to Lahore Fort, Wazir Khan mosque, followed by a stroll in Anarkali Bazaar ONLY if we’re ready for some high sensory sights and sounds. We will still be adjusting and have an action packed trip ahead of us, so for those who want to skip it, just skip it. At night, we will have dinner in an old Haveli turned restaurant – a heavenly experience for culture and food lovers.



Our private van with our loyal ADA team will set off bright and early after breakfast towards Islamabad, about 235 miles North of Lahore, taking us approximately 4.5 hours. Once in Islamabad we help set up a charity/fundraiser at AKHO foundation, a non-profit which WME will adopt for 3-5 years, ensuring a partnership to help provide whatever aid needed to keep the women and children of the city/community safe, educated and nourished. “When the belly is full, dreams grow”. After a first contact with this humanitarian mission, we better get our beauty sleep because day 3 onwards is smiles on miles on miles…..



It’ll be your first day on the motorcycle in Pakistan so we leave early in the morning to beat the traffic and get into the mountains. Breakfast is going to be one of those hidden gems on the side of the road and you’ll get to ride along the famous Kunhar River. The trip takes about 7-8 hours to cover 200 miles of scenic roads to Naran, through beautiful mountainous villages like Murree, Nathiagali and Abbottabad, with plenty of stops to take a photos, to rest and to mingle with people. We also try our best to stay at a family-run guest houses/hotels for a more personalized and memorable experience.



Naran is known to be the entry point to the Northern mountains, you get to cross Babusar Pass which is 13,700ft above seal-level and one of the most spectacular high passes in the country. You finally get a chance to ride the world-famous Karakoram Highway on this day! The “KKH” is considered the highest paved international road in the world.. Tracing one of the many pathways of the ancient Silk Road, the KKH is also often called the ‘Eighth Wonder of the World’ due to its high elevation and the difficult conditions in which it was constructed. We ride 145 miles to get to Gilgit, which approximately takes 5.5 hours without stops…but we are going to want to stop a LOT for sure.



Gilgit is home to a few ancient buddha sites and we will pay a visit to Karga Buddha before riding up to the jewel of the country, Hunza. A gorgeous 2 hour ride with lots of fruit sellers on the way, don’t shy away from stopping over and picking up some fresh apples or cherries for us! Hunza has a lot to offer, one of the most vibrant bazaars has to be the Karimabad Bazaar. From old ancient jewels, to hand made handicrafts, silk carpets, and clothes. With an abundance of history, you’ll be visiting some 1000-year-old forts too and perhaps even CIQAM, an empowering foundation which trains women in the art of carpentry and stone masonry.



We cannot leave Hunza without visiting one of the most spectacular lakes in the region. Attabad Lake is only a few miles from Karimabad and will leave you mind blown. This dazzlingly turquoise mountain lake was created in the wake of a natural disaster on January 4, 2010. The lake has become one of the biggest tourist attractions in Gilgit−Baltistan, offering activities like boating, jet-skiing, fishing and other recreational activities. We then begin our ride back down to Gilgit for the night.



Tracing the ride back to Islamabad, we get to cross the spectacular 13,700ft high Babusar Pass from the Chilas side this time around. Your bikes will want to give up, you will have to have superb throttle control with a perfect fuel and oxygen mix to push you up the steep road from this side of Babusar. It’s a fun and safe challenge for all the riders, it’ll also help you appreciate your EFI bike back home more than ever before!



Last day on this familiar road is fun, we’ll stop a few times for snacks and chai. Get ready, one really feels the fatigue from the precedent days, so on Day 8 you’ll have to be even more vigilant than usual, better gas up on extra caffeine and chai! Dinner in the capital before we fall asleep like a ton of bricks at a comfortable Guesthouse/Hotel.



On your last day we have a rave party at Saidpur village with a bunch of goats and monkeys. Then we make our way downtown, walking fast, faces past and we homebound lalalalalalalla allalallla and I need you.. tanna taanana …. Go to AKHO on our bikes, get the kids and ladies all excited about two wheels and (in a perfect world, donate all the bikes to them) get covid tests and get Uncle Jeff Bezos to fly us back to our respective cities on his private jet. Jk Jk about the private jet, but very serious about the rave with the goats and monkeys 😉


  • $500 DEPOSIT
    Pay full amount or just $500 deposit to secure your spot today.

    We can gladly switch your $500 advance for another tour.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a visa?

Please visit for complete information.

What are the necessary items I need to carry with me?

General riding gear (Helmet, jacket, pants, shoes, and gloves) Jeans, long and short-sleeved T-shirts, riding shoes or boots, gloves. For summer weather, some long sleeve white T-Shirts are a great idea. You will have the opportunity to put a pack in the chase vehicle, so you have some room for error in how much you pack. Mornings and evenings can be brisk. Some windbreaker/gear is easy and great to have. Some cash for personal expenses like shopping, laundry, snacks, etc. We can change currencies for you, please make sure to let us know beforehand.

Common items to include in your packing list:
– Motorcycle Gear (Head to Toe)
– Sunglasses
– Camera
– Base layers are must-have for our winter tours
– Windbreaker/gear as needed per tour/season
– Sense of adventure
– SPF 50 Sun Block

How long in advance do I need to book?

The Visa process sometimes takes up to 2 months for Pakistan so we suggest getting your visa as soon as possible. If you have a visa, you need to book a tour with us at least a month in advance so we can prepare properly for you.

What is the recommended arrival date?

We recommend you to arrive two days before the tour begins. We want you to wear off your jet lag, and be fresh for the adventurous journey ahead.

My partner does not ride motorcycles, can he/she still tag along?

Absolutely, we give special 15% discounts for pillion riders or they can always hop on one of our vehicles following the riders.

Mini Van / Passenger Van: We can arrange for the passengers to have their own passenger minivan that they can drive trailing the group if they want. That way they can either ride on the back of the bike, or they can all ride together in their party van depending on weather, and how much they want to be on the bike. They just take turns driving if the others are on the bikes.

How long are typical riding days?

Riding days can vary from as little as 150 km to 350 km per day, depending on the trip you choose. In the twisty Himalayas or the Karakoram range a 300 km day can easily take up to 7 hours at times due to ferry crossings, side excursions, or other activities depending on the trip you choose, so just keep in mind that we design itineraries that make full use of your vacation time, and it would be difficult to get bored at any time.

What kind of weather will we encounter and gear will I need to ride?

The simple rule is: Anything is possible, so prepare accordingly. Riding season in Pakistan starts in May and ends around mid-October. It’s generally great weather to be in the Himalayas but the winds can suddenly change and short storms can hit us out of nowhere. So bring your rain gear, bring a summer mesh jacket for hot days plus a warm layer or two.

Also, it depends on the month and location that you choose a trip in, as we have a wide list of options and are growing all the time. There’s a wide range of weather possibilities on some trips. If you want to make sure you’re choosing a trip that suits your hopes for the weather, please be sure to Contact Us and we’ll help you make a “statistically wise” choice.

Do I need a motorcycle license to be in a tour?

Yes, a valid operator’s license from your home country specifically with the motorcycle endorsement is necessary and will be confirmed at the starting point of your tour. This is not only for legal & insurance reasons but also for the safety of yourself and the people on the road with you.

What kind of physical condition do I need to be in?

This answer actually does not vary from tour to tour, as we at ADA hope you are in excellent physical and mental condition anytime you plan on riding a motorcycle. As with other topics, let’s discuss what shape you’re in and the type of tour you’re planning on to make sure there’s a match. However, our “approval” of your condition does not take the place of a trusted doctor’s evaluation, which is something we strongly encourage you to seek before any tour or rental. Also, we recommend you to arrive two days earlier than a tour date to Avoid Jet Lag.

Is airfare included in the tour cost / Hotels before and after tour / transportation?

No. Your tour begins in Lahore on the day of the tour. We have found that this is really the best option for you. Arrangements can be made for extra hotel accommodations, upon request. The hotels we use on the first and last day of the tour are usually close to the airport. In most situations and tours, there will be a shuttle to shuttle you to or from the airport. We suggest arriving a couple of days early, and leaving a couple of days after the tour so you have time to rest before and after the tour. We can help you book these for you.

  • Availability
    13 May – 21 May

  • Duration
    9 Days – 9 night hotels

  • Meeting Point
    Lahore (exact location will be shared before arrival)

  • Group Size
    10 – 15

  • Stay Point
    Fun interesting hotels/guest house

  • Difficulty

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