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Thallay La

Thallay La

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  • DURATION: 9 Days, 8 Nights
  • DIFFICULTY: Moderate
  • Max Altitude: 15,400 ft
  • Total Trekking: 30 kms approx
  • Terrain: Rock, boulders, gravel, sand, meadow trails.
  • Group size: 8-15 Trekkers

Embark on the ultimate adventure of a lifetime with ADA as we take you on a mesmerizing trekking and camping trip to Thallay La - a thrilling journey designed for beginners seeking an unforgettable experience and a gateway to more serious treks in the future! Get to explore the majestic Karakoram and Himalayan mountains from this trek from Khaplu to Shigar. Our experienced guides and supportive team will ensure your safety and comfort, allowing you to unleash your adventurous spirit and create lasting memories.


  • All transportation whilst on tour 
  • All accommodation whilst on tour 
  • Twin sharing rooms and tents
  • Single room/tent available for extra fee
  • ·All meals whilst on tour 
  • Cook: Professional cook throughout the trek to cook hygienic & fresh food.
  • ADA and local guides
  • Porters for group gear
  • Porterage: The allowance for your main bag is 15 kg
  • Entry fee: All Camping fees, government taxes.
  • One on one pre-tour support
  • Safety: Safety rope. (if required)

Not Included

  • Any pre-tour or post tour accommodation
  • Personal trekking equipment/clothing.
  • Extras at hotels or during traveling.
  • Personal insurances of clients.
  • Mule/Horse support rental and/or evacuation and rescue charges during tour 
  • Any personal medication
  • Any expense due to forced measures, natural calamities, acts of God, forced majeure: beyond the control of ADA, their staff and suppliers.
  • Travel insurance
  • Tips for guides and porters
  • Sleeping bag and sleeping mat (available on request)
  • Anything else not mentioned
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Itinerary and Map

Day 1: Arrival in Islamabad

Upon your arrival in Islamabad, you will be greeted with a warm welcome and assistance at the airport. You'll then be transferred to your designated hotel. Enjoy an overnight stay in the comfort of the hotel in Islamabad, preparing for the upcoming adventures.

Day 2: Flight to Skardu

The first chapter begins upon your arrival in Skardu. Skardu, with its rugged terrain and breathtaking vistas, welcomes you to a region characterized by its natural splendor and unique charm. From Skardu, your path leads you to Yugo, a beautiful village located en route between Khaplu and Shigar . As you transition from Skardu to Yugo, you'll likely traverse diverse landscapes, be it winding roads, sweeping valleys, or majestic mountains.

DAY-3: Acclimatization in Yugo

On the second day of your adventure, a significant focus is placed on acclimatization as you engage in a trek through the charming Yugo village. This essential step allows your body to gradually adjust to the altitude and conditions of the region, ensuring a smoother transition into higher elevations in the days to come. Yugo village, with its serene surroundings and local culture, provides an ideal setting for this purpose. This acclimatizing trek serves as both a physical endeavor and an enriching experience, as you become attuned to the rhythms of the region while absorbing the natural beauty that envelops you.

DAY-4: Thallay to Dubla Khan campsite

On the third day of your journey, you'll embark on a captivating adventure as you depart from Yugo for Thalay. A scenic 2-hour jeep drive will transport you from Yugo to Thalay, setting the stage for your trek. The trek commences from Dunsa Thalay Broq, guiding you through the captivating landscapes of the region. As you make your way, you'll traverse the trail to reach the Dubla Khan campsite. This day's trek spans approximately 6 hours, allowing you to relish the sights and experiences that unfold along the path.

DAY-5: Dubla Khan campsite - Thallay La pass - High camp

On the fourth day of your journey, a significant challenge awaits as you tackle the Thalay La pass at an altitude of 4700 meters. This demanding endeavor will test your endurance and determination, rewarding you with panoramic views and a profound sense of accomplishment. After conquering the pass, you'll continue your trek to reach the high camp. This day's trek spans approximately 7 hours.

DAY- 6: High camp - Camp 3

On the fifth day of your expedition, your journey leads you towards Shigar Broq, embarking on a trek that promises a fulfilling day of exploration. As you set out on the trail, you'll traverse the diverse landscapes that characterize the region, offering a blend of challenges and rewards. The approximately 7-hour trek brings you closer to the Shigar valley campsite, where you'll find respite amidst the awe-inspiring surroundings.

Day-7: Camp 3 - Shigar Khas - Skardu

This is the last trekking day, your journey takes you to Shigar Khas as you set out on a trek that promises a day of engaging exploration. The trail leads you through captivating landscapes, providing a mix of sights and experiences that reflect the region's diverse beauty. After the trek, a 45-minute jeep drive awaits, transporting you to the town of Skardu, where you will spend the night.

Day-8: Flight to Islamabad/Home

Write to us when you get home! Safe travels