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from San Francisco, California to Lahore, Pakistan. At the height of the Afghan war, Moin, a student at San Francisco state university, felt the world media was unfairly depicting Pakistan and wanted to educate people on what Pakistanis were really about- some of the most friendly, hospitable people on the planet. He began working 70+ hours a week to save up as much as he could. In July 2011, on the day he left the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Moin had on him a single back-pack, no hotel reservations, no GPS, and no paper maps. The idea was to meet and speak to as many people as possible along the way and to show them a side of Pakistan that the news never did.


At its heart, the project was about making people see the incomparable beauty and hospitality of Pakistan and in 2013, Moin’s continuous explorations of Pakistan’s terrain led him to inviting motorcyclists from California to tour his country. Today, ADA is a full adventure company taking all kinds of expeditions to different base camps in Pakistan’s breathtaking Himalayas, 6000+ meter summits, from water sports to yoga retreats to anything you can pitch or imagine. We do things differently at ADA and we believe that true adventure is all about staying off the beaten track. On those roads and among those people, far from curated tourist destinations, is where the real magic happens.

An Untold Tale

Rediscovering Pakistan



I have enjoyed two trips to Pakistan with Moin Khan and his team. Despite the reservations of family and friends about American women traveling in Pakistan, I never feltunsafe. The Pakistani people are warm, welcoming and generous. The landscape of Northern Pakistan is beyond description (just look at some pictures online). We experienced regional cuisine and culture, museums, and a focus on women-owned businesses and schools. The Honda motorcycles we rode are workhorses, tackling everything we threw at them. Moin's team maintained our bikes and provided support vehicles in case we couldn't ride a particular day. I highly recommend A Different Agenda for a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

DECEMBER 7, 2022

A Different Agenda (Moin Khan) and staff were incredibly helpful, professional, knowledgeable and friendly. Motorcycles, accommodations, meals and activities were included and were fantastic. We rode well maintained motorcycles, followedby a support teams and trucks (mechanics, drivers, guides). We experienced riding on a race track and then began our 2 weeks of exploration: winding dirt roads, water crossings, sweeping asphalt roads, plains and challenging cliff side dirt/stone roadways. Non-riding time was full of site-seeing, shopping the bazaars, historic tours, and unique stops representing the Pakistani community. Our group had an interest in schools and women/girl focused sites, and Moin gave us several amazing experiences. Northern Pakistan’s landscape is breathtaking and the people are sooo friendly & welcoming. Did I mention the food (and chai)? Delicious!!As a new dirt rider, I appreciated getting tips & moral support, and having a backup plan in the event I didn’t want to be on 2 wheels. Just pull over and hop in to one of the roomy & comfortable chase vehicles to continue that ride. The activities, routes, meals and visits created an atmosphere of adventure and fun. I AM GOING AGAIN!!

SEPTEMBER 29, 2022

Moin and crew made the trip a fantastic once in a lifetime experience! Absolutely anything that could go wrong usually will, but Moin will go above and beyond to makesure any wrong is made right.

JULY 6, 2022

A group of us recently took a tour of northwest Pakistan with A Different Agenda (ADA). First it’s important to remove any hesitation you may have about traveling in this area as a US citizen, the people are extremely welcoming and kind and never felt unsafe and any juncture. ADA provided a stellar tour experience with highly skilled and supportive staff. All tour days were run at the clients pace with sufficient staffing to support all levels of riders. Motorcycles provided were in excellent condition and were surprisingly adaptive to all road conditions be they well paved two lane or single lane off road tracts. If rider errors resulted in any defects, a support vehicle and mechanic were minutes away to effect repairs and get you quickly up and running. Accommodations were very good considering their remote locations and had dining provisions that culled from local agrarian communities to provide a variety of dishes unique to the local. I highly recommend taking a tour with ADA in the near future; the pressure of increased tourism have not despoiled the mountainous regions yet but once the secret is out about this incredible region it may end up suffering in the long run.

JUNE 25, 2022

The tour was fabulous. We were very well taken care of. The roads, the people, the scenery were all my favorite. Bring protective riding gear for the trip as the riding in the city and Himalayas can be challenging. The motorcycle is a blast to ride.

JUNE 23, 2022
Liza Miller

TOUR LEADER OF CHICKISTAN An all-women motorcycle tour through Pakistan.