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Moses Peak Expedition

Moses Peak Expedition

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  • DURATION: 10 Days, 9 Nights
  • DIFFICULTY: Moderate Strenuous
  • Max Altitude: 5300 meters
  • Total Trekking: 45 kms approx
  • Terrain: Rock, boulders, gravel, sand, meadow trails.
  • Group size: 8-15 Trekkers

Get ready for an unforgettable adventure with ADA's Moses Peak Expedition! Join us on a wild 7-day trekking extravaganza in the majestic Himalayan range, starting from the vibrant village of Barah.

Embark on a thrilling expedition to conquer Moses Peak (5300m) and test your limits! Trek through breathtaking landscapes, camp under star-studded skies, and bond with fellow adventurers who share the passion for exploration.

This journey will be filled with laughter, challenges, and memories that will last a lifetime. As we return to Barah and bid farewell, we'll share a last meal together to bring a perfect end to our incredible expedition.

Join us for the Moses Peak Expedition, where mountains will be conquered, friendships will be forged, and memories will be made. Let the Himalayas unleash the thrill-seeker within you


  • All transportation whilst on tour 
  • All accommodation whilst on tour 
  • Twin sharing rooms and tents
  • Single room/tent available for extra fee
  • All meals whilst on tour 
  • Cook: Professional cook throughout the trek to cook hygienic & fresh food.
  • ADA and local guides
  • Porters for group gear
  • Porterage: The allowance for your main bag is 15 kg
  • Entry fee: All Camping fees, government taxes.
  • One on one pre-tour support
  • Safety: Safety rope. (if required)

Not Included

  • Any pre-tour or post tour accommodation
  • Personal trekking equipment/clothing.
  • Extras at hotels or during traveling.
  • Personal insurances of clients.
  • Mule/Horse support rental and/or evacuation and rescue charges during tour 
  • Any personal medication
  • Any expense due to forced measures, natural calamities, acts of God, forced majeure: beyond the control of ADA, their staff and suppliers.
  • Travel insurance
  • Tips for guides and porters
  • Sleeping bag and sleeping mat (available on request)
  • Anything else not mentioned
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Itinerary and Map

Day 01: Arrival in Islamabad

Upon your arrival in Islamabad, you will be greeted with a warm welcome and assistance at the airport. You'll then be transferred to your designated hotel. Enjoy an overnight stay in the comfort of the hotel in Islamabad, preparing for the upcoming adventures.

Day 02: Flight to Skardu - Transfer to Yugo

Reach Skardu, the largest urban center in Northern Pakistan and the primary departure point for numerous treks in the vicinity, including the iconic K2 Base Camp trek. A picturesque flight from Islamabad will take you 50 mins to reach Skardu. You will then be transported to the village of Yugo, a gorgeous village 2 hrs from Skardu and 40 mins from the starting point of our trek in Barah. You will eat and rest for the night in Yugo.

Day 3: Acclimatization in Yugo

On the third day, a significant focus is placed on acclimatization as you engage in a trek through the charming Yugo village. This essential step allows your body to gradually adjust to the altitude and conditions of the region, ensuring a smoother transition into higher elevations in the days to come. Yugo village, with its serene surroundings and local culture, provides an ideal setting for this purpose. We will also lay out and check all the necessary equipment/gear to take along for the trek in order to keep the load in its limits for the backs carrying it. This acclimatizing trek serves as both a physical endeavor and an enriching experience, as you become attuned to the rhythms of the region while absorbing the natural beauty that envelops you.

Day 4: Barah - Poolside Camp

The trek begins today from the village of Barah (40 min drive from Yugo). You'll find the initial stretch to be quite straightforward, with no particularly challenging terrain to navigate. The added bonus is that you'll have plenty of shade throughout the day, and the path is nicely marked, except for a few spots. 

Your route involves walking alongside the river, keeping it on your left side. Just be mindful not to stray too far towards the valley wall on the right. You'll also encounter canals quite frequently, which might call for a bit of careful hopping to keep your feet dry.

After approximately 2 to 3 hours of trekking, you'll come across a picturesque, colorful pond situated near a rock wall. Welcome to the poolside camp. Our team will set up the mess and kitchen tent and prepare a delicious dinner for our first camp night.

Day 5: Poolside - Rockpool Camp

Day 2 presents a contrast to Day 1 as the landscape shifts dramatically from lush apricot groves to a narrow, barren canyon adorned with juniper and wild herbs. The hike's intensity increases, with an elevation gain of 850 to 1000 meters. This steep ascent demands an early start to beat the intense midday sun. Beyond the challenging incline, you'll encounter a shepherd's camp where you can enjoy refreshments provided by local shepherds. The path then leads to our next camp, Rockpool camp, featuring a mix of boulder and grass terrain. Ideal camping sites with water access are abundant, and the open area near the local mosque offers great views and a nearby rockpool for a refreshing swim.  The panoramic vistas of the Central Karakoram National Park begin to unfold, foreshadowing the impressive sights to come.

Day 6: Rockpool - Jagged peaks (ABC)

As you proceed with your journey up the valley, similar to the latter portion of the previous day, the landscape maintains its gentle character, yet larger boulder fields appear more frequently along the way. Fortunately, clear paths wind through these rock-strewn areas, and it's advisable to choose the trails closer to the river on your right-hand side. To reach High Camp, follow the lake's edge on the right, about halfway along. Beyond that point, scrambling up the hillside is required. This stretch gains an altitude of roughly 200 meters. While ascending, remember to occasionally look back. This provides a captivating aerial perspective of the picturesque lake you have left behind.

Upon reaching the hill's peak, the terrain levels out, yet boulders persist. You'll find a couple of open, grassy areas. This is the advanced base camp where we’ll acclimatize and spend the night before the summit push the next morning. Spectacular views of jagged peaks across the lake and valley will grace your wake. An added advantage is that the following day, you'll have 200 meters less to ascend for the Moses Peak summit.

Day 7: Jagged peaks - Summit Moses Peak - Rockpool camp

The final summit push! Starting from High Camp, ascending to the Moses Peak summit generally takes about 3-4 hours. Aiming to reach the summit before 9:00 is advisable. The early morning hours offer optimal visibility, enhancing the likelihood of catching sight of K2. Beyond 9:00, clouds frequently move in, introducing greater unpredictability to the weather. To maximize your chances, it's essential to commence your hike early. Set your alarm for 3:00 at the latest and embark by 4:00. Ascending Moses Peak does not entail technical skills or specialized gear; however, substantial boulder hopping is involved. Interestingly, there's no fixed path to reach the summit of Moses Peak. After summiting we will trek down back to Rockpool camp (camp 2) and camp for the night. This will be our last night camping.

Day 8: Rockpool camp - Barah - Skardu

It's time to make your way back to the village! Descending is notably faster and simpler than the ascent. The entire trek should take around 5-7 hours. The path for the descent mirrors the route you took on the way up. Once you arrive in Barah, prepare for a delectable lunch and begin your journey back to Skardu. Take a moment to unwind. You've just accomplished an impressive hike!

Day 9: Fly to Islamabad or Explore more

Both options are available. Just let us know if you have more days to explore and we’ll make it happen.